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    Monthly payment: €400 for 1 month, setup free (= €400/month)€400.00/mo
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    (-10%) Quarterly payment: €1,080 for 3 months, setup free (= €360/month)€2340.00/qtr
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    (-40%) Yearly payment: €2,880 for 12 months, setup free (= €240/month)€2880.00/yr

Optimization of your LinkedIn profile

Additional €150 (one-off payment)
The ideal option to ensure you convert the maximum number of prospects into new opportunities! During your launch call, our team will write and present you with your choice of suitable profile titles and cover images, as well as a conversion-optimized summary of +2,000 characters.

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What our customers say

"I've been a Leadin customer for over a year now, and the service we offer has saved me a lot of time in my sales prospecting, but above all it's been enormously efficient! It allows me to concentrate on qualified prospecting during appointments made thanks to Leadin! The prospect management platform is very useful. I highly recommend LEADIN, and have already recommended it to my professional network!"

Justine M.
CEO  - Mitirisk&Co ️ (5/5) 

"Our company was looking for a partner to improve its prospecting on LinkedIn. LeadIn provided us with advice, service and a tool adapted to our market (industrial) and the size of our company. Thanks for the helping hand!"

Loic M. 
Founder - Kirving ️ (4/5)
"I can only recommend the professionalism of the entire Leadin team, not only efficient in producing the service, but also always available, friendly and ready to invent tailor-made solutions. One of the best services around!"
Alexandre M.
CEO – Zentech ️ (5/5) 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How many qualified leads & appointments can I expect per month?
    In cold email prospecting, we aim to validate between 3% - 12% of responses on average and 2 to 5% of qualified leads & appointments per month, beyond the 1st month (it's normal to observe a certain inertia in optimizing actions from the 2nd month onwards).

    This makes our services the most competitive cost/acquisition ratio of new B2B appointments on the market!
  • Can you personalize the engagement with each prospect, up to 500 prospects per month?
    Of course, and it's essential! We make your brand image a priority. In fact, our technology is designed to enable us to intelligently alternate automated and human actions.

    Whatever the monthly prospecting volume, we always prioritize individual, personalized, high-quality engagement - just like 100% manual prospecting.
  • I would like to order several subscriptions for several accounts. Is this possible?
    1 subscription = 1 user!

    You can repeat the pack selection and boarding procedure several times by specifying in our form that the accounts will be linked.

    Multi-account special offers: Take advantage of additional special offers for teams with each of our prospecting packs: 2 subscriptions purchased = 1 subscription offered!

    Once all accounts have been connected to our platform, we'll give you access to a "corporate" level so that you and/or your team can view all your active prospecting accounts.

    Got a question? Write to us via chat or at to find out more!
  • What kind of support do you offer?
    Our customer success team is available every day by chat from our platform to answer your questions, with an average response time of around 5 - 10 minutes.

    You'll also have access to your account manager's business contact details, so you can track actions taken and schedule follow-up meetings whenever you like!
  • Do you carry out any actions in addition to the daily e-mailing?
    Of course! For example, we monitor the deliverability of email addresses and domain names purchased for your prospecting purposes, to ensure that emails are consistently delivered to the main inbox.

    In addition to contacting your prospects, tracking them and following up according to the prospecting documents validated by you, we update databases, monitor response and interaction rates to continually optimize your campaigns and transfer a maximum number of qualified leads and appointments to you.
  • I don't need as much volume in my strategy because I'm targeting specific companies. Is this compatible?
    Yes! Whatever your product or service offering, or your strategy (priority prospects and/or companies, volume, account-based marketing...), we develop engagement scenarios based on data from over 1,200 campaigns.

    Your campaigns are 100% tailor-made for your company, both in terms of the flow of actions and the drafting and sending of messages and emails.
  • Why should I choose LeadIn over other providers?
    Over the years, we've built up a structure that combines quality prospecting, support, training and consultancy at an unbeatable price.

    This experience (+1,200 B2B prospecting campaigns) has enabled us to understand what really works for our customers as the #1 social selling agency in EU.
  • Will you take care of the answers for me?
    No. After numerous trials over the last few years, we have not identified a better ratio of customer investment ⇄ campaign effectiveness (number of leads and appointments generated) than when the customer himself manages his leads' responses.

    And there are actually several benefits to this:
    - an accelerated launch procedure in less than 8 days for each new customer
    - the exploitation of each response to its full potential by you/your team (always more efficient than an outsourced business developer)
    - the consistency of having followed up exchanges with your prospects before appointments for better conversion... towards more results and the signing of new opportunities.
  • You have another question?
    Contact us via the chat widget at the bottom right of your screen or at!

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